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WELCOME! To Our Private Beta!

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This form is not to be distributed, copied, shared, or forwarded under any circumstances. If you have received this form, it is because you are part of a select group of individuals that have indicated their interest in growing their Instagram audience and increasing their followership, audience reach, and growing their brand by leveraging our services. By submitting this form, you acknowledge you have read and agree to of the Beta as detailed below as well as our privacy policy as detailed here:



Alright, now with that out of the way….. let’s get to the fun stuff!


This is a service built for You. Let’s discuss it in terms of a cake, shall we. Because everyone loves cake, right?

Every great cake needs a few things to taste good and make people happy. A great cake needs a great recipe, the right ingredients, an oven to bake it in, and the care, time, love & attention it deserves in order to become something magical – something that as soon as it hits your tastes buds, you’re like “Mmmm. Yes. That’s good fuckin’ cake.”

So, what is the cake? The cake is your Instagram Profile. It is your community. It is the tribe you are building, it is the value you bring to the table with your brand, and it is the delivery vehicle of the deliciousness you are putting out to the world through Instagram.

And you know what – we all want some good fuckin’ cake. I want this to taste good for everyone. I want everyone involved this to be happy. BUT, to make that happen, we need to get our recipe and our ingredients straight (don’t worry – I’ve got the oven covered).


  1. Great, relevant content, that your audience finds valuable (not just what you/your ego find valuable). This one’s on you.
    1. You need to be posting high quality pictures on your ‘gram. Ideally, once daily. I would advise against posting multiple times in a day. Use good captions, good hashtags (not too many – less than 20, ideally less than 10, and make them highly targeted and not too saturated). This one’s on you.
  2. Great, relevant exposure. This one’s on us.
    1. We’ll be getting you in front of your target audience, more and more every single day. We do this by Targeting, Following, and Liking, real people that tend to engage well with your audience, and will hopefully be engaging with your content as well. We will not at this stage by doing any commenting, DMing, replying to DM’s, or anything else of that sort. Those are more advanced options that we’ll be rolling out later. Feel free to reach out to John directly if this is something you are interested in (that’s where the real $$ is for those of you already making money or recruiting through IG).
  3. Great, relevant engagement. This one’s on both of us.
    1. As Instagram influencers / bloggers / business owners / network marketers / real estate agents / whatever you do here, we need to be actively engaging with our target audience – those who are already following us as well as new people. Right now, it’s our job to engage with and bring in the new people. This is why you hired us. But for those who are already following you, commenting on your stuff, liking your posts, and DMing you, have and enjoy your conversations with them! It’s just like making friends, except way faster now that it’s on the internet. These are your people. These are your customers. These are the members of Your Tribe. Don’t forget to always be respectful and treat them as such.


  1. Let me know how it tastes as we proceed. If it tastes awesome, and you’re loving your new followers, and you’re getting tons of new tribemembers every day – that’s great! But it might not like be like that in the beginning. So your honesty is appreciated – if the people reaching out are way off base, please tell me. We are going to be adjusting the ingredients as we go along
  2. Keep doing whatever you’re doing already. This service is kind of like taking protein powder, supplements, and foam rolling after the gym. It’s going to amplify the results. But you don’t want to stop working out, or stop eating right, or start signing up for 3 different classes all at the same time – because we want to identify what works and what doesn’t right now.
  3. Keep posting your awesome, relevant content as often as you can (up to once daily), and use *just enough* of the right hashtags. Seriously. Don’t overdo it. This is like the baking soda of the cake. Too much baking soda, and your cake will taste like shit.


  1. You cannot be using any other growth service, running your own code, or otherwise automating things on your account while you’re working with us. Seriously – we have designed this entire system so that the actions taken on your account are exactly what you OR YOUR ASSISTANT would normally be doing. If you start running something else on it, then your account looks like a robot, and that’s how you get flagged, then shadowbanned, then (God forbid) lose your account. To date, my partners and I haven’t lost one client account yet, and we’ve tested some pretty aggressive settings. We will always have accounts running way hotter than yours are to understand exactly where the line is. But if you run something else on top of our system, you might be crossing it, and then we can’t help you. Just play it safe here, okay?
  2. You must provide us feedback about the service. I will leave it up to you how much to provide. Every few days I’ll shoot out a form, or just ask you directly how it’s going, what you’re experiencing, etc. We will also be monitoring closely using our back-end analytics to see how well your account is doing. However, it’s a bit harder for us to see the types of followers you’re getting, so please make sure you let us know if it seems like they’re on point or if they’re way off base.
  3. At the end of the Beta, I will be asking you if you’d like to stay on board with us and continue as our customer! This isn’t really a rule — I just want to be intentional here. Of course this is totally up to you. Because you helped us so much in the beginning, you will be receiving a special lifetime discount across the entire line of our Instagram growth services, and this small portion of it is only the beginning. We still are testing prices to know how we can provide great service and still remain profitable as a business, but retail pricing of the service (once it’s up to my standards) will be pegged somewhere around $100/month for the introductory/lowest level. This is a bit below market price for the type of service we provide, and the premium services will be ranging into the thousands of dollars, depending on what level of growth you are looking for and things like that and how much management you are looking to offset. So just keep that in mind. 🙂
  4. You may not disclose the inner-workings of this Beta with our competitors. Keep in mind, by filling out this form, you are agreeing to legally protect our information, just as we are legally required to protect yours. Although we’ve never been the type to be afraid of competition – in fact, we love it – we are doing things quite differently from others in this market, especially in terms of customer service, security, and transparency. Having tested ourselves, analyzed, researched, reverse-engineered, and met in person or otherwise many of the service providers out there… honestly, most of them aren’t that great. Their targeting is whack. They primarily target their other customers (so their numbers are inflated). They don’t transfer or store data in a secure matter.They run automation at unsustainable levels. They lie to their customers, and ultimately they put their clients at risk. Many of them are overseas, and don’t care much about your account. The ones here in America so far aren’t much better. We are different, because we do care. And we also just happen to be cybersecurity professionals (John was a technology analyst/consultant for Citrix, one of the world leaders in cybersecurity, and Zohaib is a founder of a cybersecurity consulting firm partnered with IBM an specializes in quantum computing defense. Yes, we’re legit).
  5. You must change your IG password prior to inputting it on this form. Why? Because we don’t want your password. Seriously, we don’t want to be responsible for that kind of information. Make it something that is only used for the purposes of Instagram and using our service, change it on IG, and then store it in Evernote, your email, or somewhere that you will be able to find it in case you forget (we all forget, always). While we will NOT be sharing it with any third parties, and not even our employees will see it — our system is completely ran and managed in-house, there are no partners fulfilling on the back end here — we still cannot advise you to share your password with someone else. Be smart. Use a dedicated password. <3

Finally, we have built this service with love.

While this Beta will probably be a bit wonky at times as we learn & grow together, the goal of the entire company is to stimulate growth and enable to you build your audience, so you may share your story and grow your business online. Together, we can do just that.

Back on the google form you will see all the information required in order to add your account to our servers, begin targeting, and start running the service. We do require all account details in order to be able to run this. There is another method that actually requires only your username and some content, but that is an advanced method that we are still in development with and it will cost thousands of dollars per month (because the growth is f*cking ridiculous, and completely risk free. God I love technology). So yeah, definitely look out for the Beta on that one. And let’s get started!